Southwest Fly Fishing

San Jose Island, TX

By John E. Wood

Countless scenarios play out in our minds when we set out with rods and reels and flies to pursue finned quarry. In planning our angling adventures, we envision the Nirvana we all seek as respite...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 14, 2018

Boulder Creek, UT

By Bryan Anglerson

Utah State Route 12 from Panguitch to Torrey is the second-most-beautiful highway in the world. Not in the state. Not in the nation. In the world. Apparently, some amazing road on the South Island of...

Posted by Glen Martin — June 01, 2017

Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake Tailwater, TX

By John E. Wood

I pulled the buzzing phone from my pocket and glanced at it to confirm the caller. It was Besnik “Nick” Haxhijaj (hi-gee-eye) calling to confirm our...

Posted by Ann Sweeney — August 18, 2016

Weminuche Wilderness, CO

By Jonathan Hill

Some people’s idea of vacation is a relaxing week at the beach, soaking in sun and surf. Others may prefer a ski chalet, hitting the slopes during the day, then a little après-ski before finishing in in the hot...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 21, 2016

Pecos Wilderness, NM

By Toner Mitchell and Nick Streit

In June of 1976, my older brother and a friend of his, both 14, included me on their plan to backpack the 35 miles through the Pecos Wilderness. We loaded up with freeze-dried food, waved good-bye to my ...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 19, 2016

Sabine National Wildlife<br /> Refuge, LA

By Lefty Ray Chapa

“Whee-eeeeee.” I felt like that very happy pig in the TV commercial with its head out the car window and holding a pinwheel. My expression turned...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 22, 2015

Lake Welsh/Lake Monticello, TX

By Lynn Burkhead

Standing there, with a bunch of empty fly line coiled across the surprisingly warm surface of the water, I could barely refrain from laughing On the one hand, there I was on the deck of Orvis-endorsed fly...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 28, 2015

North Fork Cache la Poudre River, CO

By Stephen Collector

Anglers tend to operate from the position that bigger is better. Big river equals big fish. Big flies equal big fish, etc. Bigger is better better is our national...

Posted by Glen Martin — August 16, 2015

Duck Valley Indian Reservation, ID/NV

By Micah Lauer

Working along the edge of a reed line, a heavy trout greedily plucked hapless Callibaetis duns from the water’s surface. Each telltale swirl gave away...

Posted by Glen Martin — June 21, 2015

Weber River, UT

By Bryan Anglerson

Which Utah river starts in the Uinta Mountains, is full of trout (including some large browns in its middle and lower sections), runs through scenic mountain valleys, is impounded by two...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 15, 2015