Southwest Fly Fishing

Hermosa Creek, CO

By Toner Mitchell

Since its birth, fly fishing has been touted as an effective, even necessary, antidote to the poisonously serious life. American obsessions—careers, children, outward appearances...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 24, 2015

Gore Creek, CO

By Michael Salomone

Like a string of fine pearls accessorizing the famous Colorado ski town, Gore Creek flows gently through the Vail area and offers exceptional fishing in every season. Fed by small but important...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 19, 2014

Comanche Creek/Valle Vidal, NM

By Brian Maiorino

Comanche Creek is located in the northernmost part of the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest. The creek itself is only 10 miles from the Colorado state line, just a stone’s throw away if...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 29, 2014

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

By Will Jordan

In the decrepit old brown building that housed the park concessionaire’s Human Resources Department, I interviewed for an eight-dollar-an-hour job. It was a major departure from the...

Posted by Glen Martin — August 26, 2014

Rio de los Pinos, CO/NM

Legends, Miracles, and Dry-Fly Nirvana

Most well-traveled fly fishers have heard of the world-class fisheries along the New Mexico/Colorado border.

Posted by Glen Martin — March 29, 2014